Facts, Fiction and Optima Tax Relief

This system allows us to create deals with the authorities on repayment of the base amount, provided that they remove a lot of the penalties and fees that have acquired. Don’t wait until a wage garnishment or a asset seizure occurs. Just this tiny option alone can end up saving you considerable amounts of money in the long term. Our professional tax team will evaluate your tax situation and decide the best plan of action for the case. In case you’ve come into a debt of your spouse or former spouse, and actually had nothing to do with it, there can be a national tax relief program to you also. If you’re already enduring the effect of a wage garnishment or bank levy, we understand the hardship that this may cause.

Known as innocent spouse relief, this program allows innocent spouses of people who encounter tax problems, to get out from under the unfair burden. Our team is here to work with you personally to assist you in getting back to business as normal as soon as possible. These instances are usually fairly complicated, and require a thorough knowledge of a few of the IRS figurines and policies to take advantage of, but our tax relief experts are here to help you navigate these. Every taxpayer has a unique situation, so our team uses our years of knowledge and expertise in understanding the IRS and State tax legislation. 5) Obtaining a Currently Not Collectible Status. Friendly and Clear Tax Assistance in the Sacramento Region. The previous form of national tax relief that we may help you with is becoming you registered under a now not collectible status together with the authorities.

Here at Paramount Tax Reliefwe know that which tax codes to apply and how to negotiate a positive outcome for our customers. This is fundamentally a temporary truce between you and them, in which they could ‘t continue any collection actions or pursuance for a complete year’s time. We’ve got your best interests at heart, so make sure you contact our tax relief company today for a consultation. Sad to say, the worst thing you can do if you have tax problems is to sit idle and not take action. Sign Up For Your Free Consultation! A number of those expensive consequences include: "I phoned Paramount Tax Relief to inquiry about an unfiled tax problem I had.

Escalating penalties and penalties added to the initial tax debt Compounding interest increasing the tax debt every day Wage Garnishment — capital obtained from your pay check Bank Levy — capital frozen and inaccessible to be used Tax Lien — property attached as collateral for a tax debt Seizure of Assets — homes, cars, etc.. captured and sold to reduced tax debt Criminal Action — actions viewed by the IRS as criminal, ranging from a misdemeanor to fraud. I was somewhat skeptical at first phoning an unknown business from a radio commercial. The primary interest of the IRS is to collect the entire amount because along with interest, penalties and fines. After talking with Religion and discussing my situation, she explains how they could help.

With the suitable representation, you’re able to efficiently and fairly resolve your IRS tax debt. Their support rates were very reasonable and after forms were completed and submitted, communication was great. They kept me in the loop via telephone, email and the text messages were very convenient. Your IRS Tax Problems End Here. Any tax concerns I have in the future, my first call is to Paramount Tax Relief. " Trusted Since 1991, A BBB, Guaranteed Results optima. "We need to take this opportunity to state how happy we are to have Paramount Tax Services prepare our returns. Cease Crisis Collections: We came to Faith understanding we had not filed for a number of years and we knew we would owe the IRS after filing our taxes.

End IRS Intimidation: Not only did we get aid with getting compliant, but her team made sure our taxation settlement was finished. Revenue Officers, Audits and Seizures. For the previous seven years, Faith and her team of professional experts have served us with the maximum level of wisdom and ethics. " Grow Your Freedom: Though I live on the East Coast, for many years I have trusted Faith Rahim for every one my accounting needs.

Get The Tax Relief Solution You Deserve. I have followed her career, and proceeded to be her customer, because she’s always courteous, knowledgeable, professional, and timely. Start here. As someone who works on a freelance basis, including all the variations that entails, I know that Faith and her expertise will allow me to get my taxes in order while making sure that I’m treated fairly. Your first step in gaining control of your IRS tax problems is consutling with our experts in tax relief. I’m satisfied with the friendly and fast service received. INTRODUCING TAX RELIEF THAT WORKS AND a Business THAT KNOWS HOW TO GET IT DONE.

I feel that the Paramount Tax Relief staff genuinely cares about customer satisfaction. At Total Tax, Inc, our almost three decades solving tax problems have given us an intimate understanding of IRS tax legislation and collections processes. Evidently, their business depends on customers returning, but that I shall most definitely not just stay with them but recommend that my friends file their taxes with Paramount Tax Relief. This allows you to leave the complex concerns to us as we negotiate the best outcome to resolve your tax problem.

Paramount Tax Relief was the best thing that happened in my life at the time once I needed someone for help with my taxes. Call -LRB-208-RRB- 966-4122 for a free consultation with a licensed tax expert.

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