These are teachers – people who work with children every day.

These are teachers – people who work with children every day.

For example, Morozushko misses a move because the sled is stuck (we draw this on the field).

There is a place to showcase your creativity. For example, decide what to draw on the field: start in the game, for example, Frost’s ice house. Finish – a place under the tree where gifts are placed.

7. Snowflake – character

The new style of snowflakes will appeal to anyone who dares to add their favorite character to them: Harry Potter, the heroes of the Guardians of the Galaxy or Star Wars. In our version, this is a Christmas cookie.

By the way, the technique of typical fantasizing from TRIZ “Unity” is used here. It is possible to combine objects and ideas in the most paradoxical way, combining, at first glance, incompatible things, deliberately violating logic.

Of course, you know that a real snowflake always has six rays.

8. Christmas tree – puzzle

Look at the drawing and create your own creative New Year’s model. Color, cut and put in an envelope. A gift for a friend is ready!

9. Photo contest for the most creative Christmas tree

a holiday contest is easy. Below is a helper – a constructor on how to find an idea for your unusual Christmas tree.

So, the characteristic signs of a New Year tree:

1. It consists of tiers decreasing from bottom to top. What can these layers be composed of? A stack of clothes, books, cake cakes, shelves shrinking upwards, sticks or strips of duct tape attached to the wall. Do not limit the flight of your imagination!

2. On the spruce – New Year’s toys and decorations. If you have shelves in tiers, and, for example, there are flower pots on them, then the toys can be hung directly on these flowers. And if there are tiers of books, what kind of decorations will you use and how to fix them? The main thing is that resources are inexpensive and at hand, and solutions are efficient and environmentally friendly.

3. We always recognize the New Year tree by the star above. So, you need to come up with an accent. And whether the star will “burn in the forehead” of your New Year tree or something else, you choose.

Yaklass comments: Winter holidays are always a joyful time, albeit this year and very specific due to restrictions. But no social distance will interfere with creativity. This is what we are talking about in our material. And with more “serious” things “YaKlass” will help: give the students exercises for repetition, tasks of increased difficulty of the Olympiad type, training options for preparing for the exam. Thanks to automatic verification, you don’t have to waste your time and students wait for results. Such seemingly traditional, but at the same time innovative solutions also perfectly develop thinking and creativity.


10. Tree of wishes for the next year

Each tree will have its own. Which one will you come up with?

I wish you inspired creativity! Make your holiday interesting and extraordinary.

About the author: Elena Buyanova generously shares her creative ideas on the TRIZ and CAT portal in VKontakte and on Facebook

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It so happens that a young teacher, full of strength, suddenly quits. What reasons can change the decision to work at school so drastically? Vera Moshkova shares her story.

My teaching career began in 2015. Young and having absolutely no experience with children, I came to a rural school. There were many bright plans, the consciousness drew pictures of the teacher’s happiness. And who would have thought that very soon my rose-colored glasses would shatter into smithereens, hitting reality. The first three years of work turned into a real challenge.

Joining the team unexpectedly became the first stumbling block. The attitude of the teaching staff left much to be desired. A downward glance, as if it were a complete ineptitude, cut all my self-confidence. The young specialist, of course, does not have the experience that the luminaries of the school, but he has youth, enthusiasm and energy. Instead of professional and human support, I was greeted with ridicule, each mistake accompanied by caustic remarks. I was dumbfounded. These are teachers – people who work with children every day!

The lack of experience was reflected even in the physical condition. The ability to analyze your actions and emotions saves you from many undesirable consequences. But inside me everything was bubbling: I ate myself with thoughts of my own insignificance and professional inconsistency. As a result, during the first month of work, my gastritis worsened and I lost three kilograms.

The administration decided that I was an immortal pony and began to assign more tasks to me. “Young, healthy, you have to work hard” – that was the main argument. Not knowing how to resist, in the first year I agreed to everything. The result is insane fatigue. 

But the director was not enough. She devalued any work I did. Once I even found a note in my shoes: “Smell your shoes.” The handwriting was of the director. How did I feel at that moment? Shame and insecurity. With such you will not go to complain, and where?

The feeling that this should not be the case made me quit my job and look for other ways of implementation. But the “lessons” of the school were not in vain: I completely lost confidence that I could be an effective teacher. 

My story ended well. I quit my job and became a member of the Teacher for Russia program. I got the opportunity to do what I like, and as a pleasant bonus I acquired financial stability and an environment that loves what I do. But this is already a topic for a separate story.

Having such a difficult experience behind me, I want to advise a young specialist who has come to work at school to observe the following rules dictated by the instinct of self-preservation:

1. Monitor your resource. No one will feed you or put you to sleep, except yourself. This is very important, because a slept and well-fed person analyzes the situation better. He can determine which attitude is normal and which is not. If you are full of strength and energy, it is easier for you to control your emotions and reactions. 

2. Find a mentor. It is imperative to find a person who will teach you how to analyze lessons, introduce you to the world of pedagogical realities. 

3. Keep learning. School teachers are often conservative. They do not know new trends in education, but it is difficult to blame them for unproductiveness. It’s about loading. But this does not mean that you should turn into a conservative in your 20s. We need to look for information everywhere, the Internet opens up great opportunities: various educational sites and forums, where you can find not only methodological help, excellent literature, but also human communication with teachers who are passionate about their work.

3. Study the laws. It is important to know the labor code and the responsibilities of the pedagogue. Legal literacy will help protect yourself if the director decides to suddenly call you to work on weekends or impose duties that do not correspond to the functionality. 

4. Take sick leave if you are sick. Many teachers do not take sick leave, because they are afraid not to have time to study the program, prepare children for the exam, OGE, CDF. But if you are sick (s) going to work, then the risk of falling out of the resource is great. 

5. Conduct self-reflection. If you feel that everything is annoying — children, school — analyze your condition. What’s annoying? Are there any reasons for that? What can you do to feel normal? There are many questions to ask. If you cannot cope on your own, then seek help from psychologists and psychotherapists. It’s not scary, but often very useful.

The Ministry of Education is going to approve new school standards in late February and early jason and the argonauts hero cycle essay March this year. Sergey Kravtsov told about this to Rossiyskaya Gazeta. The pause that the minister spoke about during his appointment is over.

According to the minister, work on the projects of the Federal State Educational Standard has already been completed. They are currently being evaluated by an interdepartmental working group headed by Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova and Presidential Aide Andrei Fursenko.

Work on the third generation GEF has been under way since 2018, and initially it was planned to adopt the updated standards in 2020. 

In January last year, after Sergei Kravtsov replaced Olga Vasilyeva as Minister of Education, he decided to temporarily suspend work on new standards. In April, President Vladimir Putin ordered the creation of a working group that will continue to develop the GEF. The group had to evaluate the new Federal State Educational Standards of NOU and LLC and analyze the key areas of development of standards.

We don’t like change, but it often has a beneficial effect on the creative process. Of course, it’s one thing to change your hairstyle, and another thing to sell your apartment overnight, change your job and place of residence. Speech therapist Marina Miroshnichenko moved from Primorsky Krai to St. Petersburg in search of inspiration and professional growth.

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